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Get your construction accreditation with Safety Assistance!

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Accreditations we can get your business

100% Pass Guaranteed

Or your money back.

Competent Health & Safety Advisor

We will act as your competent Health & Safety advisor.

Tailored Documentation Provided

We will create the required documentation, tailored to your business.

Application Completed

We will help you complete your application.


how does an accreditation help my business?

Accreditations streamline health and safety pre qualification processes for businesses. It demonstrates compliance with legal requirements, enhances reputation, and improves competitiveness.

how is it a 100% pass guaranteed?

Achieving a 100% pass with an application requires meticulous attention to detail. We will ensure all health and safety documentation is comprehensive, up-to-date, and aligns with the criteria. 

How will it benefit my customers?

Certification assures clients of a company’s commitment to maintaining high standards, fostering trust, and potentially opening new business opportunities.

Can you help me get recertified?

Yes we will conduct thorough audits of your current management system and address any deficiencies promptly to ensure full compliance with the accreditation standards.

how much does it cost?

Our packages are tailored to fit your business needs, there isn’t a one size fits all package as we build the management system around your business. We will create the right deal for you so request a call to get an immediate quote. Albeit our prices are cheaper than our nearest competitors.

how long does the process take?

We can have tailored documentation created, and your application submitted within 24hrs of your call. Once the application is submitted its then down to the accreditation body but we will keep you updated throughout the process.

Progress towards an accreditation

Your in the right place, request a call to complete your application!


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