Health & Safety Documentation

Every employer with at least five employees is required to record their Health & Safety arrangements. The law stipulates that employers must have a documented Health and Safety Policy, conduct Risk Assessments and provide Information for employees.

WHAT Health and Safety DOCUMENTATION Does a business NEED?

As an example, businesses are required to create, put into practice, and keep up-to-date some of the following documents:

  • Health & Safety Policy
  • Risk Assessments
  • Health & Safety Procedures, Safe Systems of Work and also Method Statements.

Using us to create, maintain and review your documents is an economical and prudent choice to guarantee the precision and dependability of your Health & Safety documentation.


the legal stuff

In the UK, businesses are required to comply with various laws concerning health and safety documentation. The key pieces of legislation include;

Health and Safety at Work act 1974

Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999

We don’t expect the average employer to be understand the technical wording of the law but, don’t worry we will provide jargon free advice free of charge with any of our documentation services.

Benefits of robust health & safety documents

Legal protection

In the event of an incident, having comprehensive and professionally prepared health and safety documentation can offer significant legal protection.

Employee Wellbeing

By ensuring that health and safety practices are up to standard, you contribute to creating a safer workplace which boosts employee morale.


Professional Credibility

Documents are a requirement of all accreditations and it demonstrates  a commitment to health and safety can improve reputation among clients.


Never a copy & paste job

We understand that any health and safety documents for your business need to be robust and withstand scrutiny, while maintaining your health and safety management system to a gold standard. That’s why all documents we create are tailored to your business requirements and are created from scratch on time every time.

expert knowledge

With over 12 years of experience, industry leading qualifications  and a deep understanding of health and safety legislation. We’re at the forefront of the profession having the necessary knowledge and expertise to put the industry best practices into fruition for your business.

Time & Cost efficiency

By outsourcing health and safety documentation to us, businesses save time and resources that would otherwise be spent on navigating complex legal requirements and documentation processes. Our services streamline the creation of these documents, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations.

document control

We set up a system of document control which is a vital application in health and safety compliance. It allows you to manage the creation, approval, distribution and archiving of all controlled documents and processes, and is an integral part of environmental, health and safety management system.

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